Grooming the Red and White Setter


This is the only publication of grooming an Irish Red ad White Setter on the net.  I have written this for the benefit of everyone who owns a Red and White. 

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An Irish Red and White doesn't have a lot of grooming to be, however you can't get away with nothing!  In general the breed as a brilliant coat that keeps itself clean.  Any red and white owner will know how muddy the red and whites loves to get when they go out, especially over the fields after rain!  You will come home with a covered dog.  But after the mud has dried it all falls off, Leaving a lovely, nearly white coat (however a VERY dusty house and carpet!)  We have often had comment about how clean our dogs look, the day after they have had a run over the fields!

This means, when it comes to bathing, it doesn't have to be done all the time to keep the white white! 

Like most breeds the red and white should be brushed daily, they can have a lot of feathering on their legs and knickers, daily grooming will keep the coat healthy, rather then letting it matt.

There is also trimming on the red and white.  Use the links below to take you to each section.