Roanjora Castelao JW - Jasper




Boston Championship Show - January 2016

Jasper wins Post Graduate Dog and then
Reserve Best Dog



Coventry Gundog 5/12/2015 

Jasper wins Best of Breed and goes onto take

Reserve Best in Show

This gave him his required points for his Show Certificate of Merit.



During 2015 Jasper had to move into Post Graduate and was consistently placed at Champ Shows.
He took a number of Best of Breeds at |ocal Open Shows, including East of England Ladies Kennel Association where he also took Gundog Group 3 and Melton Mowbray CA where he went Gundog Group 2


Boston Championship Show - January 2015

 Jasper wins his first Post Graduate class, and goes on to win Best Dog and Best of Breed

PGD (2) 1 Roanjora Castelao, I felt that this juvenile fitted the Standard very well. Broad head, good stop, correctly placed ears, enough slope to pastern, straight front, firm in condition & showed some good reach & drive. He is accurate coming and going, lovely & clean from hock to toe, just needs to fill out in forechest & drop a touch to complete the picture. BD & BOB;



Ladies Kennel Association 13/12/14


Jasper wins 1st in Junior and the final 3 points for his Junior Warrant and can be called Roanjora Castelao JW

JD (4) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, masculine head with kindly expression, slightly arched neck of good length into well laid shoulders. Deep chest spring of rib. Moved with drive. Very pleased to be told that this win gave him his JW. Well done;

Helen Cohen


Midland Counties 23/10/14

JD (3) 1. McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao; Presents a very well balanced young man at this stage. Excellent presentation, and handling as one would expect from this kennel. He has a gorgeous masculine head with a very soft expression with a dark eye, good flews and planes to his head. Correct ear set leading onto a strong muscular neck. Good front & chest with enough depth at this stage. He possesses excellent front and rear angulations, with a good topline and his tail comes straight off his back. Starting to show his feathering on his belly and tail, with good islands of red on his body coat; should make up into a very nice boy. He moved around the ring on a steady good long free flowing stride. I liked him but just felt he needs more time to develop.



Setter & Pointer 16/11/14

Junior Dog 3 (0 )1STMCDONALD 'S ROANJORA CASTELAO  Pleasing head and eye with, well set ears, strong neck and shoulders well laid, ribs back to a firm loin but needs to body up a little.  Quarters developed and used to advantage on the move, stands on good legs and feet and is well presented.  A little shy to begin with but this did not detract on the move as he covered the ground well.

Mr R Bott




Gundog Society of Wales - October 2014

Jasper wins Junior Dog and goes onto win the Reserve Dog CC, thus giving his Stud Book Number under Judge Andrew Brace at the tender age of 15 months.

JD (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, 15 months, well-knit & nicely bodied. Masculine head with particularly pleasing head profile, moderately angulated, correctly balanced with sufficient length of leg. Well boned & ribbed, firm topline, very sound & steady mover with impressive open side gait. Although nowhere near fully mature on the move he impressed me sufficiently to win the RCC.


Welsh Kennel Club 17/08/14

JD (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, 13 months, loved his head, broad skull, correct stop, dark eye with intelligent expression. Flowing lines. A little raw at present but this is an age thing. Strong quarters with width. Firm back to good set on of tail. Clear rich markings.


City of Birmingham 31/08/14

JD (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, 14 months, well proportioned head, dark eye, muscular neck, good lay of shoulder, well ribbed, shown in hard muscular condition, moved very true


Richmond 07/09/14

JUNIOR DOG (1,0) 1st McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao. Good headed dog, ears set well, ok in neck, reasonable front, feet little long perhaps, chest cuts up too sharp in underline, promising rear and he moves well in rear, well set and carried tail, just needs to tighten in topline a little more

Zena Thorn-Andrews


Bournmouth Ch Show August 2014

Here Ray was allowed to handle Jasper to 1st in Junior Dog

JD (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, at just 13 months of age this lovely young dog has a promising future. Pleasing head, neck & shoulder. Correct straight front with good bone. He has depth & is well ribbed back. Good rear angulation with moderate turn of stifle. On the move he was positive& true. I feel he still needs to mature slightly & then he will reach his full potential.




East of England Ch Show
July 2014

Jasper's last puppy class and he
 wins Puppy Dog, Junior Dog and Best Puppy in Breed.

PUPPY DOG (Entries:2 Abs 0) 1st McDonalds Roanjora Castelao - Very nice young man showing a lot of promise. Lovely masculine head without any coarseness, good shoulder placement and well angled forequarters. Strong top line and nice tail set with adequate bend of stifle. Excellent movement for such a youngster. Definitely one to watch in the future. BP.

Ian Lamb



Windsor Ch Show - June 2014



Roanjora Castelao - Jasper 
Farrow's Roanjora Fleurie - Fleur

both win their puppy class and Junior class and challenge for Best Puppy in Breed.

Puppy D (1) 1.McDonalds Roanjora Castelao . What a promising youngster, terrific head with all the right qualities, domed skull, dark eye, good stop and muzzle, strong neck with good shoulders, scores well in angulation and covered the ground with drive. BP.

J Cuddy


Border Counties Ch Show - June 2014

Jasper is awarded 1st in the Puppy Dog and Junior Dog Class

PD (2) Two really pleasing youngsters showing displaying all the attributes of the breed. Preferred winner’s balance overall balance & head shape today but I’m sure these two will change places as time moves on.
1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao  
2 Tattersall’s Alanea Game Warden.


Blackpool Ch Show  - June 2014

Jasper wins the Puppy Dog class and is place 2nd in Junior Dog

PD 1 Roanjora Castelao, 11 months, quality dog having a big pull in age here. Good size, proportions & ribcage & carries himself well. Good skull & eyes. I would prefer a little more development in muzzle which may come yet. Good stride. Needs to finish in chest;



Three Counties Ch Show 14

Jasper wins Puppy & Junior dog and goes on to win
 Best Puppy in Breed

PD (3,1a) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, although he seems quite a handful he is lovely on the move, well made with a super front, pleasing head, & neck & shoulder, moderate coupling & good turn to stifle, showing great promise. BP;



Southern Counties Ch Show 14

Irish R/W Setters

My thanks to the society for the invitation & hospitality& also to my two efficient lady stewards.

PD (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, 10 month old developing well. Pleasing head with gentle expression, good length of neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, firm level back & straight front. Moved well enough for his age but needs to settle to the job. Very promising; 2 Hart’s Redmore Diamond Geezer mit Gilliegrae, 8 months & rather rangy at the moment. Lovely head & expression, excellent length of neck, well angulated with powerful quarters giving very good hind action. Topline a little soft at present & needs time to strengthen in pasterns & tighten in front; 3 Tattersall’s Alanea Game Warden. JD (2) 1 R Castelao; 2 R Diamond Geezer mit G.

J Howatson


Bath Championship Show -

Jasper Wins puppy dog and Junior Dog and is awarded
Best Puppy in Breed

Irish R/W Setters

Thank you to the exhibitors for your kind entry & to Bath committee for the invitation.

(2) 1 Roanjora Castelao, 10 months old, lovely profile, correct skull shape, good stop, kind eye, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, well off for bone, excellent tight feet, lovely forechest, deep brisket for change, level topline, good length of back, correct amount of loin, lovely tailset, moderate bend of stifle, well muscled for age, good coat & condition, moved with good reach& drive. BP;




South Of England Agri Society, 05/05/14

Thanks to the officers & committee of this very friendly show the sun was shining & all exhibitors extremely sporting IRISH R/W SETTERS – P (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, at 10 months this handsome boy is still a long way from the finished article. Head still needs to break a bit more, nice eye shape, eyes could be darker but good overall construction, frame needs to fill out. Movement very puppyish still, very nice feet. BP. G (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, very elegant bitch of nearly 2, still not fully matured but getting there. Nicely shaped head with expressive eyes & gentle expression. Good length of neck & shoulder placement. Correct angulation front & rear. Tended to ‘knit’ with her rear movement, but when viewed side on did drive & move with fluidity. RBOB. O (6,2a) 1 Hawkins’ Corranroo Carousel over Aislingwood, liked this elegant bitch very much. Feminine head with no exaggerations, good eye shape, moderate neck length into good shoulders & forearm angulations correct. Good forechest, elbows tightly under the body. Correct body length. Took a few moments to get into her stride when moving but once she settled showed good drive behind. BOB; 2 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti; 3 Hawkins’ Courtdown Devonshire Dawn over Aislingwood.


Mid Herts Gundog Club, 18/05/14

IRISH R/W SETTERS – Many thanks to the club & its officers for giving me the opportunity to judge at their show, lovely atmosphere & very good venue, thanks go to all exhibitors too. J (1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, good head giving correct earset with kind expression, ample reach of neck laying into well set shoulders, leading to good front angulation, Steady topline to good tailset, good rib, well-muscled with plenty of bone, moved well with substantial drive, coat in good condition, presented well. RBOB, BP. PG (3,1a) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tsarina, pleasant expression with correct earset, good lay of shoulder with level topline, with good angulation to both front & rear, slightly out of coat but presented well, moved nicely with good drive; 2 Green’s Shannonlee The Reed Bunting. O (5,3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti, mature girl with a strong head, level topline from well set shoulders, good depth to chest with strong spring of rib, ample angulation both fore & aft, good size to thigh making for strength & purpose on the move, clean tight feet, well presented. BOB; 2 S The Reed Bunting.



MANSFIELD, 12/04/14

IRISH R/W SETTERS – P (1) 1 BP, McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, dog, feminine head & strong jaw with clean bite, lovely eye & kind expression, front good for age, held topline with body developing well, pleasing depth of chest, good in rear & carried tail well, firm bone & feet, moved well with good open sidegait. O (2) 1 BOB, Ward’s Ballakinnish Mischief Making Copperwhite, bitch, good head planes & balanced muzzle, full bite, ears held close & carried well, eye shape & colour good, firm neck into shoulders well placed & length of upperarm, good depth of chest & spring of ribs, carried firm back, hindquarters with good width & muscle, hock straight, tail placed well, firm bone & tidy feet, moved very well& with ease; 2 RBOB, McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti.
Puppy Group - 1 Labrador; 2 Bracco Italiano; 3 Pointer; 4 Irish R/W Setter.



IRISH R/W SETTERS – J (2,1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, 8 months dog, stood alone. Was unsettled stacked but moved out steadily holding topline, he needs to body up but has plenty of time on his side, soft expression. BP. PG (4,1) 1 Hawkins’ Corranroo Carousel over Aislingwood, feminine bitch with substance, well presented, moved out well, very good balance overall from head to tail, with good front angulation, pleasing depth of chest & well ribbed back. BOB; 2 McDonald’s Roanjora Tzarina, pushed 1 hard & was I was delighted to award her RBOB; 3 Bailey’s Gallybob Rhett Butler. O (5) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti, enthusiastic on the move, pretty head with kind expression, good angulation back & front but I would prefer a little more substance to create a more balanced picture; 2 Hawkins’ Courtdown Devonshire Dawn over Aislingwood; 3 Harrison’s Spiralwood Angel Eyes.



Eastwood Kennel Association - 18/4/2014


Under Breed Specialist Alan Banford
Jasper was awarded Best Puppy in Breed



East Anglian Gundog Society, 06/04/14

Jasper takes Best Puppy in Breed
under Judge Linzie Richardson

and Best Puppy in Show 3
under David Shields

P (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao, the least happy with the windy conditions but showed off his positive attributes on the move. Well balanced puppy dog of good substance. Masculine in head with arched neck, level topline leading to good tailset. Good shoulders with plenty of forchest & ribs well sprung. Moved well although as lashing tail would have finished the picture. Won this class on overall body shape & tail carriage. Pleased to see he was happier in the group & went on to win BPIS3; 2 Lockwood’s Lockenna Emerald N Gold; 3 Lockwood’s Lockenna Gold Dream.

Linzie Richardson


 Irish Red & White Setter Club of GB Open Show
held in March 2014

Jasper (Roanjora Castelao)

won the puppy dog class and went onto win
Reserve Best Puppy in Show.

Puppy Dog – 2(1) 1.  McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao – 7 month old looking very much a baby.  Sweet head with good reach of neck.  Correct top line.  Needs to develop in body but time should take care of this.  He moved well.




IRISH R/W SETTERS – J (2) 1 Mallinson’s Courtdown Fame And Fortune, this young dog has a nice outline. Good head & expression. Quality coat with white & solid red batches. Just needs to mature. RBOB; 2 McDonald’s Roanjora Casteldo, this 7 months PD was showing lots of promise. Nice head, good coat & colour, moved well when settled. BP, PG4.  (2) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, good type yearling bitch, nice head & expression, well presented with good coat & colour. Moved well with good side gait but a little wide in front movement; 2 Mawhinney’s Paralexis Jovial Jasper. O (2,1) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti, this 4 years bitch is very true to type. Displayed a lovely outline. Nice head & expression. Good coat & colour. Good bone & feet. Moved well to take BOB.



Thames Valley Canine Society -8th February 2014


Jasper wins Best Puppy in Breed under judge Lesley Trow and then was awarded
Puppy Gundog Group 4 by Colin Woodward.


January 2014 and Boston Champ show was Jasper and Fleur's first major show.

Jasper won puppy dog and Fleur came second in puppy bitch.

PD (1) 1 McDonald's Roanjora Castelao. 6 months baby who was a little hesitant at first, but soon settled on the move, demonstrating steady movement for one so young. Just needs time to develop

Adrienne Callister


 At the age of 4 months Jasper went to the Bedford Christmas Match just for some experience
(plus Fish & Chip supper us).


 It was a lovely surprise when Tan Nagrecha awarded Jasper Best Puppy in Match


Jasper at 8 Weeks