Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina - Janey



Janey continued to do well winning her junior classes, until she decided to drop her coat.  Whilst she has no clothes, she is staying at home and is intending to come back out towards the end of the year


SKC 18th April 2013.

This was Janey's last puppy class as it was her 1st birthday.

Under Judge, A Brace she went
 1st Puppy Bitch,
1st Junior Bitch
Best Puppy in Breed.

1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, just on the year, classy bitch needing to finish in head & let down behind. Clear quality coat, excellent neck & top line, just needs to tidy up coming & going. BP.


Janey together with her Dad,
Bailey (Zymore Irish Cream)


The National Dog Show  1oth April 2013.

At the National Dog Show Janey won Puppy Bitch and Junior Bitch before being awarded
Best Puppy In Breed by judge
Mrs Maureen Justice.

Janey then went on to be shortlisted to the final 9 from 29 in the Puppy Group judged by
Mr Frank Kane

PB (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, very feminine 11 month old, good clear colour, pretty well shaped head for age, lovely neck & shoulders, good angulation front& rear, deep brisket, went well & happily. BP, shortlisted in the group;



North Lincs Open Show 1st April 2013

Roxanne handles Janey to her 12th Best Puppy in Breed.

IRISH R/W SETTERS – J (2) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, 10 months bitch, very promising, very attractive head & expression, good limbs with correct shape bone, good forehand, correct topline & tailset, moved very well for one so young, well muscled throughout. BP. PG(3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti, lovely headed girl, very soundly constructed, correct topline, excellent front assembly, good depth, strong hindquarters, moved true fore & aft; 2 Collin’s Corranroo Cloudchaser at Forestpoint.O (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Pinotage, smashing dog, gorgeous head & expression, typical outline, so well balanced, excellent shoulders, legs & feet, moved purposefully, gave a really good show in the group & was a little disappointed that he was not placed in it. BOB



Eastwood K A Open Show 29th March 2013

Janey wins the Junior Class and goes on to win Best Puppy in Breed

IRISH R/W SETTERS – J (2) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, pretty bitch of 10 months, sweet expression, nice eye, correct ear placement lying close to head, good over neck & shoulders, good feet with slope to pastern, firm topline & good tailset, well angulated rearquarters used on the move once settled. BP. PG (2) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti, lovely head with domed skull, round eye & good ear placement, strong neck & good forequarters, firm topline & correct tailset, good sweep of stifle & well muscled hindquarters, moved well using her tail; 2 Hart’s Gilligrae Cineal Niamh. O 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Pinotage, nice dog with good bone who stood over his ground well, good head, skull broad & in proportion, dark round eye, good ear carriage, strong neck into well placed shoulders, good feet, firm topline, deep chest with spring to rib, firm hindquarters & bend of stifle which he used on the move lashing his tail. BOB; 2 Taylor’s Laoirebay Ocean Sunset; 3 Green’s Temynloah Quinlan at Viszaset.




Crufts 2013 Jane won Puppy Bitch,
Junior Bitch and went on to be awarded
Best Puppy in Breed

1.McDonald’s-Roanjor Tsarine Tzarina Pleasing 9 month old, moved OK once she settled, pretty and developing along the right lines. Easy winner here. 



On Sunday 3rd March 2013
Janey (Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina) was awarded Best Puppy in Show at the IRWSC of GB Open Show under
Breed Specialist Charles Henderson


Puppy Bitch (2) 1. McDonalds’ Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina. A 9 month old bitch developing on sound and strong lines, quite tall. Very nice in head, with the desirable thumb print marking and an open, friendly expression. Moderate length of neck into a good shoulder placement, starting to  rib up nicely and coming on well in hind quarters. Sound and steady in movement, handled sympathetically to get the best from her. Will look forward to seeing her in full coat.  In the puppy challenge, her schooling gave her the edge. Best Puppy in Breed.




        Coalville & DCS 27/2/2013

Under Breed Specialist Miss S Westward Janey was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior 1st McDonald's Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina. This young lady has all the required angles. Coat clear but would like to see the red darken a little. Moved well for one so young.

Judge Miss S Westwood   ( Eusanit)


Janey at Manchester Champ. Dog Show 20/1/2013 where she won both the Minor Puppy and Puppy Bitch classes and then when we got home her first experience of real snow


Dukaries Gundog Club  7/1/2013.
Julian Barney awards Janey 1st in Junior & her 7th BPIB

(2) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, pretty puppy bitch, lovely feminine head& expression, well proportioned, good front construction into good clean neck & shoulders, good bone for her age. Nice quality puppy, if a little floppy on the move. Won on front construction. BP; 2 Collins’ Corranroo Cloudchaser at Forestpoint. PG (1) 1 R Tsarine Tzarina. O (2) 1 Taylor’s Laoirebay Ocean Sunset, well presented dog in full bloom, moved with ease around the ring & covered the ground well both fore & aft keeping a correct topline, good depth of brisket, good ribbing, won on maturity. BOB; 2 Jarvis’ Shannonlee The Wood Lark.



Coventry Ladies Kennel Association on 1/1/2013.
Janey takes her 6th consecutive BPIB on the trot.

IRISH R/W SETTERS – P (3) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina, pleasing 7 months bitch, very nice in head, with the desirable thumb print marking & an open & friendly expression, good bone, legs & feet. Moved soundly retaining topline on the move & was more settled on the move than 2. BP; 2 Mawhinney’s Paralexis Jovial Jasper. PG (5) 1 McDonald’s Roanjora Pinotage, dog won on his overall outline, masculine head & correct expression, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, straight front with oval bone, level topline, well bent stifles, covered plenty of ground on the move, presented& handled well. RBOB; 2 McDonald’s Roanjora Chianti;


Ashbourne & DCS on 28/12/12
Janey win her 5th BPIB.

IRISH R/W SETTERSJ (2) 1 Roajora Tsarine Tzarina, 7 months bitch, good broad head & domed skull, well off for bone, best of fronts for a youngster. Still needs to tighten at the back. Moved well. BP; 2 Gillerae Cineal Niamh. PG (4) 1 Roanjora Pinotage, male with strong square skull into muscular neck & shoulders, good front, excellent rear angles, best mover in the class; 2 Roanjora Chianti. O (4) 1 Ballakinish Mischief Making Copperwhite, bitch of nice size, very feminine, lovely head & body shape, good rear with excellent width across second thigh, moved really well. BOB; 2 Courtdown Summer Breeze over Roajora. RBOB



Wealdstone and Northolt CS saw Janey win her 4th BPIB and her 2nd Puppy Group 4


At the Ladies Kennel Association Championship show (her first Champ Show) 16/11/2012, Janey 'qualified' for Crufts 2013 by winning Minor Puppy Bitch, Puppy Bitch, getting a second in Junior Bitch and then achieving Best Puppy in Breed


Janey's next show was Coventry & District Gundog Society 8th December 2012 under breed specialist, Ian Lamb.  Here she got a second in the Junior class, out of 6 and was the highest placed puppy giving her Best Puppy in Breed. She went onto win her next class.

McDonald’s   Roanjora Tsarine Tzarina.  Pretty little girl of just 6 ˝ months old. Feminine head with good reach of neck. Good lay of shoulder and well off for bone. Feet need to tighten a little, but this should come with age. Movement is excellent for one so young. Reaching and driving with plenty of confidence.

Mr Ian Lamb


Janey's first show was at Sedgley & Gornal on 25th November 2012 where she got Best Puppy in Breed and Puppy Group 4 at age 6 months.




8 weeks and showing her potential


6 weeks and such a sweetie.